A live streaming platform powered by Bitcoin Cash.

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True freedom to speak your mind, at last.

Cointube.cash is a live streaming platform akin to Youtube or Twitch that enables you to live stream your thoughts and experiences and earn Bitcoin Cash in donations without fearing censorship or deplatforming no matter how "controversial" or "politically incorrect" your opinions are.

CoinTube.cash Perks

Powered by Bitcoin Cash

You can earn and spend Bitcoin Cash by receiving donations from your fans and spend it on your favorite streamers and support them.

Freedom of Speech

We allow all content as long as it complies with US law and we will never deplatform you for "controversial" or "extreme" opinions.


Our platform uses the powerful Red5 streaming solution with load balancers to maximize outreach and offer the smoothest experience.


We charge 0.01% of all your earnings in order to maintain the service going.

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Lead Developer: Ilya Naalsund

Marketing Strategist: Sing Ten

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